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JM Kuztomz, located on 2905 Forest Lane in Garland TX , has over 14 years of car service experience.

Garland residents interested in adding details such as audio, video or security to their vehicles typically look to the car professionals at JM Kuztomz first. JM Kuztomz, located on 2905 Forest Lane in Garland TX, has over 14 years of car service experience.

The services we offer range from major suspension work to installing lowering kits. In fact, we can provide most custom car jobs in just a few hours. Our customers don’t have to worry about their cars or trucks while we’re working on them. We provide a secured overnight bay service for all cars in our care.


Our Products

  • Audio

    Customers wanting to install, replace or upgrade their sound system know that better audio always makes the driving experience more enjoyable. We install audio products like Sony, JVC, and Jensen to enhance the automobile’s sound.

  • Security

    Keeping a vehicle safe and secure is one of the most important things on customers’ To-Do lists. That’s why we help customers looking for ways to secure their cars and trucks from potential theft or vandalism. We offer security options such as a keyless entry and security system that can include an anti-carjack and ignition auto-lock and lock features.

  • Window Tint

    One tint application, when completed correctly, can last customers for years. At JM Kuztomz, we know how to install window tinting right the first time. We provide professional window tinting for all types of car and truck doors. We use film manufactured in the US and with SPF protection. Thus, it’s akin to having instant sunscreen protections for both drivers and passengers.

  • Lowering kits

    Installing lowering kits are the easiest way to lower a SUV, car or truck. Generally, they are manufactured with different drop amounts depending on how low customers want to go. We have the experience and knowledge to provide customers with the exact drop amounts that will fit their vehicles and impress everyone.

  • Major suspension works

    Most people think that horsepower, torque or acceleration is the power behind their vehicles’ performance. However, it’s the suspension system that maximizes the friction between the road and the tires. That’s why we complete all major suspension work for our customers. Whether customers seek repairs, upgrade or maintenance, we can do it all.

    Our service professionals at JM Kuztomz always deliver what our customers are looking for. That’s why no question or job is too much for us to handle.


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